Sunday, November 14, 2010

Carbide Cutting tools benefits

Strength - Because carbide is a combination of carbon and variety of other extremely strong chemical elements, the results is material power full enough to cut through cast iron. Its torque strength is twice that of high speed steel and its compression strength is equally impressive.

Toughness - Carbide cutting tools on their own are tough, but with the added coatings available, they become almost indestructible tools for the machine industry to use in their cutting machines. Resistant to abrasions, thermal deformation and other material wear, carbide produces a quality cut and rarely needs repair or replacement.

Value - Because Carbide cutting tools work at high speeds without warping, and cut through even the toughest of materials, it keeps the assembly line working fast and productively. Its value is immense in that productions loads can be increased without extra wear and tear on parts, as well without any damage to the product being produced. Overall, this make carbide cutting tools a preference over high speed steel for machinists and other industry professionals.


  1. Carbide Tools
    Carbide is tough material so that the tools made from carbide are robust and durable. It is more suitable for industrial applications.

  2. In manufacturing, carbide cutting tools are a key element of the forming and machining of metal tools, fasteners and molds, as they provide the cutting edge for machining lathes and equipment.