Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to Safety Handling Tungsten Carbides

To prevent safety risk connected with handling tungsten carbide, the following basic safety practices should be observed :

  • Use a respirator and eye protection. These two protects the most vulnerable parts of your body when handling tungsten carbide. Using a respirator is important especially in situations where there is poor or no ventilation available. Even when a place is well-ventilated, using a respirator is still recommended.
  • Full body protection. Wearing protective clothing for the entire body is also important. It helps prevent allergic reactions on the skin when it comes to contacts with tungsten carbide.
  • Skin protection. Gloves are a must-wear when handling tungsten carbide. Its also important to apply barrier cream on the skin to add another layer protection against tungsten carbide dust or mist when working.
  • Stay away from tungsten carbide work areas. if you have no business being in an area where there's work on tungsten carbide going on, stay out of it.

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  1. Can you tell me a little bit more about these tungsten carbide tools? I guess I don't really know anything about them. What do you they do, what are they made out of, are they expensive? Sorry that I'm asking so many questions, but when I hear about something that I don't know about, I like to learn about it. Thanks for your help!